The mens course measures 5906m and the ladies is 5189m, both Par72


Relatively easy starting hole, a 448 metre par 5, that the longer hitter can reach in 2, green slopes to left that can be tricky putting depending on pin placement.

No 2

323 metre par 4 where the drive needs to be accurate, trees on the right & water on the left, large green where a 3 putt is common.


146 metre par 3 with water to hit over & bunkers on both sides of green


Long par 4 that many a golfer plays as a par 5 depending on wind direction, for the longer hitters there’s water on the left to hit over when going for the green with their second shot. Another tricky green with slopes.


466 metre par 5 where a good drive can set you up, doglegs to the left with water on the left from about 120 metre out.


155 metre par 3 that plays long when the sea breeze is in, a large 2 tiered green that is relatively straight forward.


One of our feature holes, a shortish par 4, with options of taking the water on or going around, on the right day a bigger hitter may go for the green but a slight miss hit & the balls is goneski in the water. A bunker on the left of the green is there to catch any wayward approaches.


Another shortish par 4 that doglegs to the right, where the drive needs to be accurate with penalty areas on both sides until you reach the corner water is then on the right up to a gentle green that has a bunker on the right to add a bit of interest.


There’s penalty area on the left hand side all the way to the green of this long par 4. A slight dogleg to the left can turn the hole into a par 5 if you don’t get a good drive away; a large green is there to catch the ball on the approach that slopes gently left.


One of our longer par 5’s at 485 metres that can play alot longer when the sea breeze is in. Trees on the right & bush on the left off the tee with a penalty area on the right to the green from about 120 metres out, large green where only 2 putts should be taken if you can get there in 3.


157 metre par 3 out of bounds on the left & water on the right, if you land slightly left of the green it usually bounces on to a small green that should only require 2 putts.


At 257 metres this is our shortest par 4 not unusual for the bigger hitter to reach the green of the tee; the green is not easy to read & has a bunker on the right for the wayward approach.


Another feature this par 4 not long but has water to the left, trees on the right, a mote in front of the green catches a few players out who don’t quite get their shot up onto the green.


A challenge for the guys who have no option but to hit over water off the tee, how much depends on how game you are, the ladies have no water to hit over but a penalty area follows the right of fairway from the tee to the green.


A par 5 with water on the right from tee to green, the hole doglegs right from about 100 metres out to a new 2 tiered green where a 3 putt will not be uncommon.


398 metre par 4 gun barrel straight with penalty area on the right hand side from tee to green, the hole can play long at times but it’s not so bad if you can hit a straight ball.


Hitting down onto this green from the tee above is all carry; a funky short par 3 of 132 metres is not as easy as it looks.


Good finishing hole with out of bounds on the right off an elevated tee, the fairway doglegs to the left from about 120 metres out to a 2 tiered green, one of the few holes where the sea breeze is at your back when its in. left, large two tiered green where a 3 putt is not uncommon.

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